Windows Based “Front” Office Components

  • Integration with Student Information Systems
  • Free & Reduced Application Processing
  • Free & Reduced Scanning and Web Apps Integration
  • Student Account Management
  • Meal Accountability & Claims Reporting
  • Point of Sale Item Management
  • Serving Line Management

Windows based RIGHTrak provides Central Office managements of  Free & Reduced Application Processing, F & R Scanning and Web Apps Integration, Student Account Management, Meal Accountability & Claims Reporting, and POS Management.

Student database and account management integrated with Student Information Systems and PayPAMS web payments portal provide seamless interoperability. Student demographic updates can take place continuously. SIF-2 (Student Interoperability Framework) compatibility is built-in.

This all inclusive module generates participation, revenue, reimbursement claims, and edit check reports for the entire district and automatically manages communications between PayPAMs, PCS’s web prepayment portal, the district and the school cafeteria sites.

Student Database Management

The RIGHTrak Student Database Management System provides a platform for you to manage Student Eligibility, Accountability, and Biographical information, District-Wide administration of POS, as well as reporting of Revenue and Claims.

Enrollment Interface

RTStuMg02RIGHTrak connects your District’s SIS with your POS operations. RIGHTrak receives updates for all student data from your SIS, and directs those changes to each of your cafeteria sites, ensuring that every POS line is up to date. Users can choose to have updates run automatically every night, or in “near real time”. RIGHTrak also detects when students move between schools within the District, and manages the update process, including balance transfer,  right down to the serving line – automatically.

RIGHTrak can be directly connected the Student Information System using our SIF2 Agent handling updates of all student information in real time or by accepting downloaded updates from the Student Information System as often as required and sharing these updates with all connected POS terminals at each cafeteria site.

Patron Account Management

RTstuMg01Quickly and Easily locate any Patron in the Database by utilizing the flexible Search Tool. Allowable search criteria are: Last Name, First Name, Patron ID, State ID, Pin Number,  School, or Grade.

Basic Patron Information is display in an easy to read format. In depth Patron Information is only a click away. Easily access:

  • Meal Status
  • POS Messages and Allergy Alerts
  • Meal Accounting
  • School Program Information Sharing
  • Family Information
  • One Click access to  View School/Balance History

Free & Reduced Application Processing

RIGHTrak Free & Reduced price meal application processing and verification offers integration with all industry standard scanning applications, supports bi-directional student information system interfaces and downloads from state or local databases for direct certification. Traditional calendar and year round multi-track calendar support is built-in. This full featured system provides:

Fast Manual Application Processing


RTfr01RIGHTrak lets you process Free & Reduced Applications from a single screen speeding the application process efficiently, without sacrificing accuracy.

RIGHTrak F&R Applications are automatically entered in accordance with AccuClaim criteria. The application status is displayed, showing the number of household members, monthly or yearly income total, and Free, Reduced, or paid eligibility. Validation criteria are automatically applied, such as checking the reasons an application is incomplete, including missing Social Security Number, incomplete income, no signature, etc. One application can be entered for an unlimited number of members in one household with unlimited sources of income per family member and student.

Multiple Direct Certification downloads keep your student’s eligibilities up to date.

Application Scanning

RIGHTrak  Technology and Solutions partners for F & R scanning and web-applications include RocketSCAN by Image One Corp and Nutri-Scan by Nutri-Link Technologies, Inc.

Scanned applications are stored electronically on your file server, and linked to the student’s record in your Free & Reduced software. The Food Service department no longer has to sort and file the paper applications in the file cabinets and they no longer have to spend hours searching for and retrieving a specific child’s paper application.

Now retrieving a child’s lunch application is done right from your Free & Reduced software in seconds. When a parent calls to inquire about their child’s lunch status or to ask a question, the application can be viewed immediately on the computer while the parent is on the phone and the question or problem is resolved quickly and efficiently. No more call backs! You can even put an electronic “Post-it note” on the image indicating that you spoke with the parent, so when they call back, you will have a record of the previous conversation.

Web Based Applications

The Web Based application form will not allow submission of a non-compliant, incomplete, or incorrectly filled out application.

Web Based Applications ensures your received applications are complete and compliant. On Line application entry means you no longer have to:

  • Print (and pay for ) paper applications
  • Distribute Applications
  • Review Applications for completeness
  • Return Applications for missing information


A complete Verification System that will guide you step by step through the Verification process is built in.

RTVeri01RIGHTrak Verification  includes automatic selection of applications for verification. Choose Basic or Focus and then add individual families using Manual selection. Government income tables, verification methods and percentages are updated annually to maintain compliance with regulations.

Verification makes it easy to:

  • Generate user designed Notification, Reminder and Results letters
  • Create user defined verification dates and eligibility change grace periods
  • Manage the process by providing alerts of approaching deadline dates
  • Automatic updating of eligibilities as a result of Verification

RIGHTrak  Meal Accountability

Meal Accountability ensures that you program complies with Federal, State, and Local regulations while allowing you the flexibility to meet you district’s business rules.

User Definable Meal Eligibilities

Meal Eligibilities provide flexibility for multi-grade pricing and special programs. For each category, the user may define different meal prices and claim reporting criteria.

RTprovision01For example, POS pricing may require different categories for Paid Elementary and Paid Secondary to charge the correct meal prices at the school level. Each category can be defined as to its F,R, P status, as well as a “claim as” status, including “N”, not claimable. For “Provision Schools,” base year percentages are maintained and claims calculated automatically, based on total participation. Bulk entry for Community Eligibility is supported, as well. RightNOW also provides the capability to define additional categories for more refined groupings for special programs and other reporting and analysis that require reporting on special groupings and subsets of eligibility.

Report Center

Meal Accountability contains  fully featured reporting module loaded with District wide and site specific reports that allow user defined criteria, plus a Custom Report Generator.

RSLnchEdChK01Report Center provides access to the system reports and allows the user to set criteria to customize report output. Preview each report before printing it. Select reports based on category and direct the output to a printer of to a file. An export to spreadsheet is also available. Reports include:

    • Counting and Claiming
    • Reimbursable Meal Counts
    • Ala Carte and OVS Statistics
    • Edit Check
    • Item Popularity
    • State Claim Reports

Custom Imports & Exports

ConfigureExportEstablish an automatic and bi directional import from Student Enrollment to maintain the accuracy of your student database. Import/Export supports multiple Direct Certification imports.

An easy to use graphical interface lets you “drag and drop” to  configure import and export templates. Create multiple custom Student Enrollment and Direct Certification imports. Create any number of custom exports to fill your district’s requirements. In addition Import Export provides tools to:

  • Compare your Student Database with the District Enrollment to maintain accuracy
  • View the Student Import File, the Direct Certification File, the Student Export File
  • View the Student Import Error Log, the Direct Certification Error Log, the Student Export Error Log, and the Student Compare Error Log

Point of Sale

Add New POS Item windowPoint of Sale is a complete Point of Sale System designed specifically for School Food Service. Create POS Item; drag and drop them into Menu Overlays. Assign Overlays to Serving Lines and Monitor the Lines during Meal Service. Use Touch Screen POS Terminals with 3D-POS software  or ALANA Fast Food style POS Terminals to speed patrons through the serving line with maximum control and accuracy.

POS Item Management

Add New POS Item windowAdd New POS Item windowThe POS Item Wizard makes it easy to create new items and assign student and adult pricing. Provide your patrons with an added measure of safety by defining Allergens and attaching them to items to prevent their accidental sale to affected patrons.

Give the Item a name and specify the label that will appear on the Point of Sale display. Then set a Student Ala Carte price and an Adult Ala Carte price.  The Offer vs. Served component structure for each item defines the item’s contribution to the meal including the new Vegetable/Fruit standard. In addition RIGHTrak supports  additional “Jumbo Pricing” for a reimbursable “Jumbo” meal. You can even place a picture on the item key. It’s much quicker to locate a key with  picture of an apple than to search for the word “Apple”.

Record the selling of several items by assigning them to a “Combo Key”. Full Itemization at the Point of Sale becomes possible when you can press a single key – Hamburger Meal for example to record the sale of each of it’s components.

Assign POS Items to user defined Groups in order to locate them in the Database quickly and easily. Define your POS Items centrally for all sites to ensure pricing at each and every serving line.

Menu Overlay Management

RToverlay99RIGHTrak’s Menu Overlay Management lets Menu planners easily create menus and menu cycles for publishing to the cafeteria site POS. The number of keys displayed, the key background and text color for each key on each overlay is entirely under your control. Set the date on which the overlay will become active.

An easy to use “Drag and Drop” interface let’s you assign POS Items to key locations on your Menu Overlay. Design an unlimited number of scheduled and/or fixed overlays. Speed Overlay Creation by basing your new overlay on an existing one. Assign overlays to sites and even specific serving lines. Schedule the overlays so they “wake up” on the correct date during you Menu Cycle.

Additional Menu Overlay Options allow you to:

  • Set Key Size -Create Large easy to find keys for popular items
  • Set Combo Key – Press a single Item to activate a user defined set of Items
  • Set Super Key – NEW – Create a Key that opens up a new section of the keyboard. For example: Press “Juice” to then choose from Apple, Cranberry, Grape, Orange or Pineapple
  • Set Key Foreground and Background Colors and assign an image to the key

Serving Line Activity Management

RIGHTrak includes tools to help you manage all your serving line activity. The system Event Logs provide a complete audit proof transaction listing. You can monitor cashier sign in/out,  cash over/ short, sales and items sold by line.

RTposmon99Use the POS Activity Monitor to “look over a cashier’s shoulder” in real time. Search the Event Log based on over 100 defined transaction types such as: Cash Prepayment, Check Prepayment, No Sale, Meal Sale, Ala Carte Sale, Cashier Sign On/Off. Narrow your search to a time range, a meal session and  or a specific serving line.

An administrator with the proper permissions can identify problem transactions and easily reverse them, all the while leaving a complete audit trail of all activities.

Search for all transactions for a specific patron account and drill down to see the details of each transaction.

Maintain Historical Event Logs for easy access for as long as necessary. All the details from each transaction are available right at your fingertips.

NetPOS Terminal Software

NetPOS Terminal Software is a full service Point-of-Sale solution displayed in a large graphical layout.  It will accept input from all popular patron identification devices such as PIN pads, Scanners, and biometric devices. Its flexible modes of operation allow it to fit any serving line situation.

NetPOS features unique Point-of-Sale functionality that duplicates PCS’ smart POS terminal keyboard design and allows for Keyboard or Touch Screen capability.

Touch Screen POS Features include large colorful keys, patron pictures and allergen alerts Large color coded keys make cashiering easy. Positive patron identification is assured thru the display of a patron picture. Allergen alerts and item sale blocking is featured.

NetPOS speeds up POS lines by letting the Cashier key in items before or while the student enters their ID. Use Express mode for hands-free operation and Dual PIN pad/barcode scanners for speedy line through put. Voice prompts guide students through the line and Off Line Sales mode is available for use during net failure or for a Stand alone operation for remote sale such as on the bus or in the classroom.

Other Features Include:

    • Touch Screen, mouse and keyboard accessible
    • Roster Mode with pictures for classroom service
    • Full Service Mode or à-la-carte sales
    • Automated voice prompts to control lines
    • Supports one or two keypads/scanners
    • Large, easy-to-read buttons
    • 20 to 80 Item key display
    • Runs on “Hand Held” and “Wireless” POS
    • Left or Right Hand Operation
    • Fully Configurable Keys/Names/Layout
    • Utilize Menu Picture Keys

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