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posNOW offers a complete line of POS Hardware including our own ALANA Fast Food Style Point of Sale Terminal, Touch Screen POS Terminals, PIN pads, Barcode Scanners, Biometric Scanners, Cash Drawers, and Reimbursable Meal Vending Machines.

POS Terminals



The ALANA-07™ is a smart POS terminal designed specifically for the school food and nutrition services cafeteria. Consisting of a keyboard and color display, this fast food style, low profile, portable unit is easy to use, fast and durable!


Large screen, all-in-one design reduces foot print and eliminates tangled cables.Portability and power backup – Click in battery provides portability whether for remote or uninterrupted operation during power outages. Convenient reversible handle/stand folds flat for easy storage and transport. 18” Restrictive type Touch Screen

Breeze 185

The Breeze 185 All‐In‐One widescreen touchscreen POS system is an advanced next generation design. The easy‐to‐read 18.5” Wide‐screen monitor is robust without being bulky. The sleek and sophisticated ergonomic design features a rackable motherboard ensuring effortless field serviceability.


SilenTouch II

SilenTouch-II is a cafeteria friendly POS terminal featuring all the performance and reliability that’s expected from our hardware in a sleek package.

  • Smart design
  • High resolution 15″ LCD resistive touchscreen
  • Creative and flexible mounting options
  • Easy access to ports and drives for simple cable management

Quest Hand Held

Quest Tablets are specifically designed for POS operation, either as a hand-held or in a convenient dock.

  • Intel Quad Core Bay Trail-T Processor for ultra low power consumption
  • 10″ Projected Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Enhanced Wireless Connectivity with 2.4/5Ghz Wireless N
  • Ruggedized design conforming to IP54 rating and 4 ft. drop specification


The durable GeckoPad features an ergonomic handle facilitating resting the tablet on the left forearm for easy operation in the hallway, on the bus, and in the classroom.

  • Three foot drop tested
  • Anti-glare tempered glass screen
  • Spill and dust resistant

The EM‐300 Enterprise Tablet is easy to carry and its ruggedized design is tough enough no matter how rough the environment.

  • Four foot drop tested
  • Anti‐glare tempered glass screen
  • Spill and dust resistant

ID Devices


Numeric Entry Device – without Barcode Scanner. The NED saves money for operations, not requiring a barcode scanner and can be upgraded with a barcode scanner when needed. The NED can be set for entry of system generated PIN numbers or student ID numbers.


Fast Read Entry Device with Dual Operation

– Numeric Keypad and Barcode Scanner.

Students and teachers can enter a system generated PIN or   district generated ID on the keypad or they can scan their ID card on the same convenient device.


ID Connect Finger ID brings a new level of speed and accuracy to student account identification, eliminating the need for student pictures or other forms of secondary identification. This frees cashiers to concentrate on processing meal activity and speeds up the serving lines.

ID Connect Palm

ID Connect Palm ™ is robust and scans beneath the  surface of the skin avoiding surface problems such as dryness, roughness, moisture or scarring. It allows a non-intrusive contactless process of placing your hand over the reader without making contact.  The product reads the unique vein pattern under the skin on the palm of the user.  Our system has been proven to be 100% accurate.

USB/Serial Bar Code Reader

Contains a linear type of video camera similar in concept to the one used in home video camcorders Has a fixed-focal length which limits the depth of field range (distance away from the bar code). “Keyboard Wedge Output” which connects (wedges) between the keyboard (or serial port) and the PC.

POS Accessories

Star Vending Machine

The Star Meal Center vending machine provides PCS customers with options to:

  • Serve remote locations
  • Increase participation without adding serving lines and additional servers
  • Provide reimbursable or ala carte vending
  • Utilize student accounts for vending


PCS’ NetCash Kiosk accepts currency directly and securely into student, teacher or staff meal accounts in real-time. This means that the money is immediately added to the balance on their accounts and is available at the POS on the serving line. The Cashless Cafeteria is here!

  • Faster Lines
  • Less Cash in the Cafeteria
  • More Accountability