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Fully Integrated "Back Office" Nutrition-Inventory Components

District Components:

Menu Planning and Nutrition Analysis

Current Child Nutrition Database

Inventory Management

Central Purchasing

Central Kitchen

Central Warehouse

Site Components

Inventory Counts & Valuation

Perpetual Inventory


Nutrition/Production Records

Base Kitchen & Satellites

Ordering based on Menu Forecast

Ordering based on Par Levels

TrakNOW Enterprise

Cloud Based
Fully Integrated Back Office

Complete Supply Chain Management supporting Cafeteria Site, Warehouse and Central Kitchen Ordering, Distribution, Inventory, Commodity and Procurement.

Inventory Count

Physical Inventory Counts

The Inventory Counts and Valuation module is a great place to get started. Pre‐coded inventory items are included with the program, import items or enter your items through a convenient on‐screen wizard and you are ready to go.

Count Sheets

Print count sheets to match screens for accurate entry. Hide or display theoretical perpetual inventory and variance. Enter Counts in Purchase Units or Usage Units.

Ordering Module

Ordering and Receiving Components

Item & shopping lists, purchase orders, requisitions, supply orders, transfers, receiving and invoice reconciliation

Flexible Supply Chain Management

TrakNOW supports settings and flags to automate the complex and tedious tasks involved in ordering, receiving, transferring and tracking stock



TrakNOW is USDA ‐ approved  for nutrient analyses required in the school meal programs and for use in certification of compliance with the National School Lunch Program meal pattern requirements

Seamless integration with inventory provides automatic costing

Nutrition can flow from ingredients to recipes or recipes can link directly to nutrition as finished goods. Single items, like an apple, can be “menued” directly and in patterns, reducing the number of recipes needed.

Auto Order

Document Manager

Users can control and monitor all ordering and receiving activity in the Document Manager. View, delete, edit (if still in draft mode) and cancel or reverse. Suppliers and due dates are clearly marked. Click the top of any column to sort by column heading.


Allows every type of ordering from one screen. Via a simple, easy‐to‐use pre‐order process, orders can automatically reflect forecast menu needs, par and re‐order points, filtered by class, category, supplier or location.

Central Distribution

Pick – Ship – Transfer
Virtual Stock Calculator

Upon submission at any site or upon submission via central approval, supply orders are available instantaneously  at the warehouse.


Add last minute orders, edit and print shipping documents. Virtual Stock Calculator finds potentially missing items and creates orders.
Virtual Warehouses – any site can be designated to process requisitions and transfers.