TrakNOW Nutrition-Inventory


District Components:

  • Menu Planning and Nutrition Analysis
  • Current Child Nutrition Database
  • Inventory Management
  • Central Purchasing
  • Central Kitchen
  • Central Warehouse

Site Components:

  • Inventory Counts & Valuation
  • Perpetual Inventory
  • Ordering/Receiving/Transfers
  • Nutrition/Production Records
  • Base Kitchen & Satellites
  • Ordering based on Menu Forecast
  • Ordering based on Par Levels

Fully Integrated “Back Office” Nutrition-Inventory Components

Providing modular solutions and user friendly tools,


TrakNOW nutrition-inventory provides integrated menu planning and production records, nutrition analysis, ordering, receiving, perpetual inventory, warehouse and central / base kitchen capabilities.


TrakNOW is:

USDA-approved for nutrient analyses required in the school meal programs.

USDA-approved for use in certification of compliance with the National School Lunch Program meal pattern requirements.

LISTED under Menu Planning Tools Approved for Certification for Six Cent Reimbursement on the Healthy Meals Resource System Web site at

The TrakNOW systems provides complete Supply Chain Management, providing users with what they need to order, how much to order. Order documents are automatically routed to the correct supplier, internal warehouse or central kitchen or external vendor. Items requiring central approval are automatically routed to supervisors.

Automated ordering can be based on par levels or menu forecasts. Electronic vendor interfaces for most popular food distributors are available, guarantying that orders are placed quickly and efficiently.

Food components and food component sub groups, such as red/orange vegetables, and descriptors such as “whole grain rich”, juice and dessert, and milk flavor varieties are displayed on Production Records to assist users with implementation of the new meal pattern requirements.

District Enterprise

At the central office TrakNOW provides executives, administrators, dietitians, buyers and supervisors with management tools supporting every component of the system. Executives and view financial reports, administrators can monitor operations, dietitians can create nutrition and cost effective menus, buyers can order based on forecasts and historic usage, supervisors can see everything their managers are doing and even assume their roles to complete tasks.

TrakNOW also supports initial import of vendor items via spread sheet and Ingredient/Inventory/Commodity, Recipe and Menu Management Program, Site, Vendor, and Central Distribution.

TrakNOW delivers easy access to any site for supervisors performing site functions plus Central processing of requisitions for district approval prior to purchase.

Click Here for the TrakNOW Overview PDF

Inventory Count

Physical Inventory counts and Valuation Reporting

Stand‐alone integrated with Nutrition and Production modules, the inventory Counts and Valuation module is a great place to get started. Jump right in with pre‐coded inventory items included with the program, import items from your prime vendor or enter your items through a convenient on‐screen wizard and you are ready to go.

Accurate Counts

Custom design count sheets

  • Design centrally or by school site
  • Option to require “blind” counts
  • % of inventory spot counts
  • Count by active items
  • Add items to sheet by location, class, category, alpha, code, predefined list, etc.
  • View item supply definitions with one click of your mouse
  • Sort by location, shelf order, alpha, code, class, etc.
  • Move items up and down the list using arrow buttons to create any order
  • Screens match count sheets for accurate data entry

Nutrition-Inventory Physical Inventory

Add Value

  • Count sheets automatically match screens for accurate entry
  • Hide or display theoretical perpetual inventory and variance
  • Enter counts in Purchase Units
  • Enter counts in Usage Units
  • Enter counts in any Purchase Unit contained in the purchase history and TrakNOW will recognize it

Nutrition-Inventory Physical Inventory

Nutrition-Inventory Classes & Locations

All the tools you need to organize your inventory

Display variances to double check count entry and select valuation methods and select options to display weighted average, FMV, brokerage, processing, storage, and pass through (net off invoice) values.


Nutrition-Inventory Reports 1

Click to Download the Inventory PDF

Ordering Module

Ordering and Receiving Components include supply chain management, item & shopping list management, order, requisition, supply order, and transfer processing, plus receiving and invoice reconciliation.

When integrated with Nutrition and Production, menu forecast based ordering is automatically activated. Ordering functions are easy to use and allow managers to create orders based on forecast menus at a click of a button. TrakNOW knows what items to order, how much, and who to order from. Managers can also order from predefined shopping lists, or Minimum and Maximum par levels that can be set for items not ordered based on menu requirements.

Every business process is already anticipated and every link in the supply chain is predefined to guarantee smooth operations district-wide. Warehouse managers, Base kitchen production managers and district supervisors can have requisitions and supply req’s flow automatically to them for review and approval. Supervisors can view everything their managers are doing including assuming the role of an absent manager to complete their tasks.

TrakNOW provides an inventory control page for each item, even recipes for finished products, making it easy for users to define purchase and supply units, suppliers and vendors, and the ordering matrix for all sites.

  • Supports an internal “Usage Unit” for each item plus Purchase and Pack Units for each supplier, including Warehouse or Central Kitchen and other inter-site transfer locations
  • Supports order and transfer by any of the defined units for an item – Usage/ Pack/Purchase
  • Tracks prices for each supplier and vendor, multiple suppliers and vendors per item
  • Tracks Fair Market Value for commodities, plus delivery, processing, brokerage, storage, fees
  • Uses suppliers/vendor’s own code for ordering
  • Displays ratio of Usage Units to Purchase Units for accurate ordering
  • Order priority easily edited with up and down arrows
  • Quick update of vendor, price and priority changes can be applied to sites and groups of sites

Nutrition-Inventory Ordering 1

Flexible Supply Chain Management

Easily set an order hierarchy for each inventory item:

Purchase Order:

  • A Purchase Order is any order that goes directly to an outside supplier/vendor, formal or informal
  • Print, e-mail or send via any electronic format – supplier interfaces available to many major suppliers

Supply Order/Transfer

  • A Supply Order is any order that goes to the warehouse or any other internal site (all sites potentially have the ability to receive requisitions and transfer stock)
  • Supply Orders may be rejected by the supply site, with a text message including reason or rejection
  • Print pick lists directly from supply orders or groups of supply orders by deliver date or route
  • Auto convert Supply Orders into Transfers and update Transfers based on actual picks and substitutions for printing of transfer documents
  • Automatically commit stock based on orders and deplete based on transfers.


A Requisition routes orders through an approval process by District or Central Purchasing.

Upon approval items in the approved requisition are automatically split into purchase orders or supply orders, based on their supply chain hierarchy settings.

traknow automates the tasks involved in ordering, receiving, transferring and tracking stock and provides options that fit the business processes of foodservice. These options include:

  • Tracking of Fair Market Value (FMV) for commodities along with related fees
  • Blending or keeping separate Commodity and Purchased stock of the same item
  • Calculating a perpetual inventory based on receiving and picking stock
  • Depleting inventory based on production of raw goods, by item and by site
  • Calculating order requirements based on forecast menu requirements
  • Calculating order requirements based on by minimum or maximum par level
  • Including on order and committed stock in order calculations
  • Picking summary for staging, truck route or individual sites

All costs are tracked simultaneously

Nutrition-Inventory Ordering 2

Click to Download the Ordering PDF

Menu Planning / Nutrition / Production

TrakNOW is:

USDA-approved for nutrient analyses required in the school meal programs.

USDA-approved for use in certification of compliance with the National School Lunch Program meal pattern requirements.

LISTED under Menu Planning Tools Approved for Certification for Six Cent Reimbursement on the Healthy Meals Resource System Web site at

Nutrition Analysis, Menu Planning, and Production Records are fully integrated. Recipe and Menu Cost Analysis is included. TrakNOW Inventory, Ordering/Receiving, Warehouse and Central Kitchen components can be added or included from the beginning.

Nutrition-Inventory Compliance Report


Make sure that menus meet the New Meal Pattern requirements utilizing these and other features:

  • Display food component subgroups on production records, such as red/orange vegetables
  • Display descriptors such as Juice, Whole Grain Rich, and Dessert
  • Display total contribution per menu item as well as contributions of individual ingredients
  • Control display of items, recipes, ingredients, and patterns of production records
  • Plan menus that meet cost constraints for average cost per meal
  • Plan menus centrally with effortless deployment to all sites
  • Menu Cycles can be of any length – days, weeks, months
  • Copy from menu history and make last minute bulk changes to menus
  • Track left-overs (and waste) with automatic expiration and list leftovers available for future use
  • Integrate with TrakNOW Inventory to order and deplete raw ingredients and finished stock
  • Integrate with TrakNOW Ordering Component for orders based on forecast menu requirements
  • Supports Central and Base Kitchens for additional serving locations, satellite kitchens and special programs via integration with Central Distribution Component

Nutrition On the Web – Analyze a week’s menu in a flash!

Nutrition-Inventory Analysis

Recipe & Menu Costing – Nutrition integrates seamlessly with Inventory

Nutrition-Inventory Cost Detail

Item (Ingredient / Nutrition) Management Highlights

  •  Three ways to add nutrition to ingredients
    • Download items from USDA CN database with nutrient content pre-defined
    • Copy items from USDA CN or local database, with ability to edit and include Buying Guide info
    • Add nutrient data from nutrition labels
  • Nutrition can flow from ingredients to recipes or recipes can link directly to nutrition as finished goods
  • Add Food-based component contributions for Meat/Meat Alternates, Vegetables and sub groups, Fruits, Grains, and Milk.
  • Single items, like an apple, can be “menued” directly and in patterns, reducing the number of recipes needed

Recipe Management Highlights

  • Quick enter HACCP text “cut and paste”, allergen support
  • User defined target temps or temperature ranges
  • Scale up and down with two convenient units of measure per ingredient
  • Supports unlimited recipes within a recipe
  • Recipes can be defined as items (finished goods inventory) with delivery units
  • Multiple serving types/sizes supported for each item and recipe

Pattern Management

  • Eliminate repetitious planning and forecasting of daily selections for milk, fruit, salad bars, etc.
  • A Pattern is a simple grouping of like or related items organized by popularity, participation or user defined.
  • The Pattern is “menued” and forecast as one item and breaks out in production as multiple items, allowing items to be tracked individually for usage, leftovers, disposition/waste, HACCP, allergens.

Nutrition-Inventory Ingredients

Click to Download the Menu Planning / Production / Nutrition PDF


One screen to make it easy for site managers, supervisors, warehouse and central kitchen too, for organizing all of their ordering, receiving, and transfers.

Via a simple, easy-to-use pre-order process, orders can automatically reflect forecast menu needs, par and re-order points, and filtering as appropriate by date range, class, category, supplier or location. Or users can be built from simple item lists and shopping lists with quantities already entered. Site managers can edit and round up or down to the nearest purchase or usage unit. Once the manager is happy with the order he/she presses one button and the order is split into Requisitions for district approval, Purchase Orders direct to vendors (in draft, for later editing and submission), and Supply Orders to the warehouse, all based pre-assigned setting in each item.

Nutrition-Inventory Auto Order

Document Manager

Users can control and monitor all ordering and receiving activity in the Document Manager. View, delete, edit (if still in draft mode) and cancel or reverse. Suppliers and due dates are clearly marked. Click the top of any column to sort by column heading.

Nutrition-Inventory Document Manager

Receiving Screen

Enter the invoice number, check the vendor item code, edit any amounts received that are different than the amount ordered, add last minute ordered items, reject broken or spoiled items and record reason.

Nutrition-Inventory Receiving

Click to Download the Auto Order PDF

Central Distribution / Warehouse

Picks—Ships—Transfers—Virtual Stock Calculator

Upon submission at any site or upon submission via central approval, supply orders are available instantaneously at the warehouse. If the “virtual” stock [on-hand (+) on-order (-) committed] is below what is required, a warning can be displayed (both to the ordering site and the stock clerk). Warehouse staff can easily pull supply orders into transfers by highlighting and clicking on orders. Picks lists can be generated by site or summarized for staging by delivery route, with sorting by location to optimize picking. Shipping tickets can then be arranged by order of delivery for optimal packing.

Nutrition-Inventory Document Manager


Add last minute orders, edit and print shipping documents

Nutrition-Inventory Distribution

Nutrition-Inventory Transfers

Virtual Stock Calculator finds potentially missing items and creates orders

Virtual stock calculators find where you may come up short when ordering based on par and re-order points. The virtual stock calculator is activated in a popup window whenever the user clicks on the Item Code in any screen in the system. In addition, orders may be created by clicking on the “missing item” button. On-hand stock levels are compared to stock on-order form suppliers and stock committed to requisitions. If at any time the virtual stock level falls below the re-order point, the item is placed on a suggested order in the amount needed to fill maximum par.

Virtual Warehouses

Any site can be designated to process requisitions and transfers. The second tab of the Virtual Stock Calculator displays stock levels at every site. If its too late to order and item form a supplier and the warehouse in short, the site user can quickly locate available stock anywhere in the district. This feature is also useful in identifying and distributing overstock at year end.

Nutrition-Inventory Stock Levels

Nutrition-Inventory Stock Details

Click to Download the Central Distribution / Warehouse PDF

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