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Front Office FR-Accountability-POS to fit every District’s Needs

Integration with Student Information Systems

Free & Reduced Application Processing

Free & Reduced Scanning and Web Apps Integration

Student Account Management

Meal Accountability & Claims Reporting

Point of Sale Item Management

Serving Line Management

Student Database Management

Patron Account Management

Quickly and Easily locate any Patron in the Database by utilizing the flexible Search Tool. Allowable search criteria include: Last Name, First Name, Patron ID, State ID, Pin Number,  School, or Grade.

Enrollment Interface

RightNOW connects your District’s SIS with your POS operations.  RightNOW receives updates of all student data from your SIS, and directs those changes to each of your cafeteria sites, ensuring that every POS line is up to date.

Free & Reduced Application Management

Fast Manual Application Processing

RightNOW  lets you process Free & Reduced Applications from a single screen speeding the application process efficiently, without sacrificing accuracy.

Application Scanning & Web Applications

RightNOW integrates seamlessly with PcsForms F&R Applications and ApplyNOW our  web based application form.

ApplyNOW and PcsForms assure the submission of a compliant, complete, and correctly filled out applications. 


RightNOW Verification  includes automatic selection of applications for verification. Choose Basic or Focus and then add individual families using Manual selection. Government income tables, verification methods and percentages are updated annually to maintain compliance with regulations.

Meal Accountability

User Definable Meal Eligibilities

Meal Eligibilities provide flexibility for multi-grade pricing and special programs. For each category, the user may define different meal prices and claim reporting criteria.

Report Center

Meal Accountability contains  fully featured reporting module loaded with District wide and site specific reports that allow user defined criteria, plus a Custom Report Generator.

Custom Imports & Exports

Establish an automatic and bi directional import from Student Enrollment to maintain the accuracy of your student database. Import/Export supports multiple Direct Certification imports.

Point of Sale

POS Item Management

It’s easy to create new POS Items and assign student and adult pricing. Provide your patrons with an added measure of safety by defining Allergens and attaching them to items to prevent their accidental sale to affected patrons.

Menu Overlay Management

Menu Overlay Management lets Menu planners easily create menus and menu cycles for publishing to the cafeteria site POS. The number of keys displayed, the key background and text color for each key on each overlay is entirely under your control. Set the date on which the overlay will become active.

Serving Line Management

RightNOW tools to help you manage all your serving line activity. The system Event Logs provide a complete audit proof transaction listing. You can monitor cashier sign in/out,  cash over/ short, sales and items sold by line.

NetPOS Terminal Software

NETPOS Terminal Software is a full service Point-of-Sale solution displayed in a large graphical layout.  It will accept input from all popular patron identification devices such as PIN pads, Scanners, and biometric devices. Its flexible modes of operation allow it to fit any serving line situation.