Nutri Slice

Nutri Slice

Nutrislice Menus are simple and easy to use for districts, and present school foods in a beautiful, intuitive interface. They are the only school menu publishing tool that lets you enter menu information once, and then publishes that menu into multiple communication channels so that parents and students can easily access your menus wherever they are. Give your customers a modern, professionally designed experience – regardless of whether they prefer to print your menu and put it on the fridge, use an app on their mobile phone while on the go, dig through details on a website, or subscribe to receive an email with their school’s menu.

Beautiful menus, easy to create

Imagine how your customers would react if your menus included pictures, helpful descriptions, and understandable nutritionals. All of a sudden, they wouldn’t have to assume the worst about your foods – they would hear the truth directly from the source.

Nutrislice Menus makes that a reality. It also conveniently lets you tell your story everywhere. With the push of a button you could be telling your story online, in email, on mobile phones, in print, and more. No other company makes publishing school menus in multiple channels so cheap and easy to do. Cobble together a solution that’s hard to manage, or use Nutrislice.



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