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PayPAMS gets a Makeover!

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Dov Abramson, our Director of Operations for PayPAMS, says that, “early this Spring we will have a new PayPAMS web site with modern design and responsive features, that automatically adjust from desktop to tablet to phone, will go live. The new web site will be implemented in two stages with the parent portal coming first, followed later this Summer with the administrator’s section of the site.”


Districts use PayPAMs for all School Fee Payments

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Many districts are using PayPAMs to handle all School Fee Payments. From Computer Leasing

District uses PayPAMS for student computer Leasing Fees

Manteca Unified School District started using PayPAMS for computer leasing fees in November. The district hopes this program will save time handling monthly payments for 23,000 students. Manteca has been using PayPAMS for meal payments for several years.

Florida District Encourages Parents to Pay Online with Bonus Program

In order to encourage parents to prepay for meals online and submit higher payment amounts, Miami-Dade County School District instituted a bonus program, which adds $2.00 to the student’s account for any online payment of $50.00 or more. This covers the PayPAMS convenience fee and encourages more parents to pay online, with the added benefit of reducing the amount of cash a checks handled in the cafeteria. For convenience, the bonus amount can now be set up directly in PayPAMS, instead of RIGHTrak.

Miami – Dade County School District has 392 schools with 345,000 students. They have been using PayPAMS since 2006 and are PCS’s largest customer.

Alabama District Adds New Program for Accepting School Related Fees

Tuscaloosa City Schools added a new program for accepting school related fees. The funds collected are deposited separately in each school’s bank account. PayPAMS provided a custom export for the school district which helps automate the posting to their accounting system, McAleer Solutions.

Sylacauga City Schools has a similar customized export and has been using PayPAMS for the past 12 months for school related fees. PayPAMS can customize automatic exports to various financial systems including Oracle and SAP.