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Customers in the News

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Cincinnati Public Schools Implement Grab n’ Go

PCS’ FASTrak POS helps speed the line

Cincinnati Cafeteria

“In addition to the Grab n’ Go station, we have two reimbursable meal vending machines, connected to FASTrak, in each of the vending areas of the cafeteria. And this year we added more meal options in another area of the building to reduce overcrowding in the cafeteria, an additional five reimbursable meal vending machines and a PCS Net Cash Machine available to offer students faster service. Due to the success we will be adding more in October.”
– Eric Zacarias, Manager of Food Services

PCS’ FASTrak Integration with Star Food Healthy Express Vending helps reduce congestion in the cafeteria

Cincinatti Public Schools Vending Machines

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ANC 2015 Video Post

Dave Smith