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37th Annual Alabama School Nutrition Association Expo

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AL SNALast month, Ava Wojcik and Tony Diers attended the 37th Annual Alabama School Nutrition Association Expo in Montgomery, AL. They had a wonderful time making new friends and catching up with customers. It was great to hear from our TrakNOW customers that TrakNOW reports are working well for their Administrative Reviews.

PCS support has been working hard with the the ASLSDE to make sure that PCS customers can utilize a common interface with the INow enrollment system. All customers in Alabama have been contacted and many stopped by the booth to discuss utilizing this valuable tool.

Georgia SNA 2015 Annual Conference

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GA SNABecki Rogers & Ava Wojcik attended the GSNA 2015 Annual Conference in Athens, GA April 9-11. Celebrating 60 years of feeding Georgia’s children made this a very special event. PCS was proud to be able to sponsor free Wi-fi to all attendees at the Classic Center and to provide computers for use in the Director’s Lounge. We enjoyed three fabulous fun filled days of quality time with our friends in Georgia. We are proud to have Becki serving on the Industry Advisory Board for 2 more years with GSNA. We are super proud of our friends at Grady County School District, who were honored with a Bronze Scroll and a District Scroll. Keep up the great work!

Customer of the Month

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Priscilla UrbanPriscilla Urban
Food Service Specialist
Ferguson-Florissant School District

District Snapshot
PCS Products Used: RIGHTrak & FASTrak
Schools: 23
PCS customer since: Spring 2013

PCS: How long have you worked at the district?
Priscilla: It will be 16 years in October.

PCS: Tell us about some of the jobs you have had in the district.
Priscilla: I was originally hired as the Secretary to the Assistant Principal at one of the Middle Schools and started at the Food Service Department in July 2000.

PCS: What is your involvement with the PCS systems?
Priscilla: I put together all the specifications for the RFP, interviewed all the candidates and tried out the software before we made the decision to choose one. After we chose PCS for our district software, I worked with with the implementation team to get everything set up. We had some very specific requests for our district and PCS made it happen. The support team was very helpful, training me on the new system. I worked very closely with the Project Manager, Jose Romani, on the special items we requested. The sales representative, Aaron Subar was also wonderful to work with.

PCS: What accomplishments are you proud of?
Priscilla: I made several changes in the Food Service Department in regards to the cash procedures,creating different ways to make sure that each cashier is accountable for cash and meals. I provide hands-on training to all managers and cashiers each year before the school year starts, individualized to their experience level.

PCS: How have PCS products helped the district?
Priscilla: I save time with the PCS system. It has great features such as the Allergy Alerts, tracking each cashier on a daily basis, and detailed reporting. The system also allows us to stop bad checks and alert the cashiers to collect money from students or adults.

PCS: What do you like best about PCS?
Priscilla: The great support. I can always call PCS to get help very quickly and resolve all the technical issues.

PCS: Is there anything new and exciting coming up for you or the food service department?
Priscilla: This is the first year that our district is on CEP, which means we’re feeding students for Breakfast and Lunch at no cost to the students. We participated in the Healthy School Breakfast Challenge and the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Program. Our district also received grants from Midwest Dairy Council, NFL Hometown, Rainbow Days, and H.E.L.P (Healthy Eating with Local Produce) through St. Louis University.