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Districts use PayPAMs for all School Fee Payments

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Many districts are using PayPAMs to handle all School Fee Payments. From Computer Leasing

District uses PayPAMS for student computer Leasing Fees

Manteca Unified School District started using PayPAMS for computer leasing fees in November. The district hopes this program will save time handling monthly payments for 23,000 students. Manteca has been using PayPAMS for meal payments for several years.

Florida District Encourages Parents to Pay Online with Bonus Program

In order to encourage parents to prepay for meals online and submit higher payment amounts, Miami-Dade County School District instituted a bonus program, which adds $2.00 to the student’s account for any online payment of $50.00 or more. This covers the PayPAMS convenience fee and encourages more parents to pay online, with the added benefit of reducing the amount of cash a checks handled in the cafeteria. For convenience, the bonus amount can now be set up directly in PayPAMS, instead of RIGHTrak.

Miami – Dade County School District has 392 schools with 345,000 students. They have been using PayPAMS since 2006 and are PCS’s largest customer.

Alabama District Adds New Program for Accepting School Related Fees

Tuscaloosa City Schools added a new program for accepting school related fees. The funds collected are deposited separately in each school’s bank account. PayPAMS provided a custom export for the school district which helps automate the posting to their accounting system, McAleer Solutions.

Sylacauga City Schools has a similar customized export and has been using PayPAMS for the past 12 months for school related fees. PayPAMS can customize automatic exports to various financial systems including Oracle and SAP.

GSNA Honors Clayton County

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AudreyEarlier this month, Clayton County Public Schools Superintendent, Luvenia Jackson honored several of the district’s school nutrition programs for their work in increasing participation in their respective school-level programs.

Nutrition Services Director, Audrey Hamilton awarded certificates of appreciation to several school nutrition managers. Hamilton said the nutrition managers were honored by the Georgia School Nutrition Association for having consistently high breakfast or lunch participation for at least three years straight and for increasing school meal program participation by at least 3 percent.

PCS’s Director of Marketing, CD Eichler, spoke with Audrey about her teams’ ability to achieve this boost in participation consistently over a three year period, and she shared with us how they accomplished this. Involving the students was was one key factor. They held taste tests, inviting vendors in to demonstrate new food items to be placed on the menu cycle based on acceptability to the students. Having the ability to be involved in the process and to make selections and choices for what they wanted to eat really created excitement and helped boost participation. Going CEP was another big factor.

“I’m elated,” said Audrey. “Our team works hard to get these results. This is not easy.”

Congratulations to Audrey and her team on this well deserved honor!

Customer of the Month

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Sandy LSandy Lewis – Food Service Supervisor

Biddeford Schools, ME

A PCS customer since 2006, Sandy oversees the food service program in 3 districts. In addition to Biddeford, where she already has PCS, she oversaw the installation of RIGHTrak/FASTrak and NetPOS in Dayton School District this year. This presented a unique challenge because Dayton shares food service and business services with Biddeford but maintains its own database. Sandy handled the situation from start to finish with aplomb, helping to coordinate all those involved: IT, Support, and business services at the districts, the cafeteria managers, and of course, PCS!

          For POS hardware Sandy uses NEDs, Silentouch, Bolts, and has PayPAMS as her payments solution. When asked what feature or product she likes best about PCS, Sandy replied that the” Reports are awesome, very helpful and detailed.”

          Sandy says that even though Biddeford is her biggest district but she worries about it the least because “The system is up and running properly. I can go to other districts and take care of them knowing that the system at Biddeford works so well that I can rely on it to get me through the day and help perform all the functions necessary to efficiently run my school food service department. If there is a problem, I call support and they nip it right in the bud, something I haven’t experienced to the same degree with other companies.”

          Does she have a favorite support person? Well, if you know Sandy, then her answer will come as no surprise to you. “Everyone’s great!”

          We feel the same about you Sandy! In the words of our Regional Sales Director, Connie Sturman, “Sandy stands out for her upbeat and friendly personality. Any request or comment she makes is done respectfully and patiently. Sandy always has a good word and positive attitude and she is a pleasure to work with!”

GSNA Industry Seminar

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Becki and AvaThe Georgia SNA Industry Seminar in Savannah in early December was a wonderful learning opportunity for Becki Rogers and Ava Wojcik It was a great opportunity to network with of our current and potential customers as well as new solutions partners. PCS donated a beautiful Coach purse for the live auction and it was the 2nd highest bid item. The proceeds from the live auction support the Georgia School Nutrition Foundation for furthering Child Nutrition Research, Professional Development for Staff and Public Education on School Nutrition. Our Networking table at the luncheon was charged with discussing the challenges districts face in the bidding process, as well as the challenges industry faces in responding to bids. Sharing challenges as well as best practices brought understanding to all stake holders. Becki and Ava were able to meet Kirk Farquharson from USDA Food and Nutrition Services Southeast Region and were able to share with him, face to face, the difficulties that customers experience with the implementation of the latest federal regulations. They also were able to share with him how PCS products are being used to support implementation of the guidelines. Check out our Facebook page for pictures from the seminar.